Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Updated Blogging At

Computer science education related things continue to be posted at my Computer Science Teacher blog. It is aimed at being helpful to K-12 computer science teachers but middle school and high school computer science teachers will probably find it the most useful. I occasionally add a post at MSDN Student Flash with my friend and co-worker Diane Curtis. That site is primarily for college and university students but some high school students may find interesting things there as well.

Social computing stuff continues to be posted at my Cyberspace People Watcher blog at Windows Live Spaces.

Recently I have been posting some entries at the A blog on Education in general at On10. On10 is a really cool site with videos for people who enjoy technology. The topics of my blog at On10 are general educational technology and education things. Several other people contribute education topics there as well and you can get to those all at once using the education tag.

Alfred Thompson