Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Little Link Love

I have a number of friends and co-workers who are blogging for higher education students (and to some extent higher ed faculty) who I really should give a shout out to. If you are looking for some interesting people to follow these people are worth checking out – especially if you are or know someone in college/university.

Hilary Pike and Diane Curtis blog at Springboard from mortarboard to on board. Recent posts include installing Windows 7 from USB onto a netbook, Technical Book Club (some great recommendations for CS related books to read) and Hilary’s Ada Lovelace Day – Women in Technology – Jennifer Marsman interview.

Clint Rutkas is one of the bloggers at Coding4Fun but also blogs as an individual at his own site - You may want to check out his latest project – Webcam Software – Image Processing Edition

Sam Stokes tends to write at a high level but covers some interesting things. Recent posts include Programming languages: C# versus F#, building AI and Physics, FUN: Use UML to map your great game idea design processes and Back to the finite state discussion. And if you are “into space”, MCO: More thoughts on the Martian Climate Orbiter.

Dan Waters has gotten back on the blogging horse after being tied up writing his new Zune game development book. Recent posts include videos such as Doing Homework in Windows 7 and Win7 running on my Eee PC. He also has a video on IE8 Web Slices & Accelerators.

Of course don’t forget that my primary blog and the one most updated is Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson