Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Max Builds a PC

My friend Mac is building a PC from parts. Over at Channel 8 (First post in the series here) he's looking for recommendations and suggestions about parts. Looks like a good conversation is taking place already but there is always room for more.

Oh by the way did I mention that he's going to give the resulting computer away to one lucky contributor to the discussion? Yep, here's his plan:

  • In this series, I will present my point of view about a certain computer component (like a graphics card or motherboard)
  • YOU comment and tell me your point of view and why
  • Once we have all the components discussed and chosen, I'll build it and post video to show exactly how I did it
  • Here's the fun part... when I'm done, one of you clever community commentators will WIN the new PC!
  • It seems like a lot of students are "in to" building their own computers. Perhaps it is the new car hacking for the 21st century. If you or someone (perhaps a student) are really all about the custom computer send them over to Channel 8. Perhaps they'll win their dream computer.

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