Monday, September 07, 2009

Interesting Links Labor Day 2009

I’m not really working today. Well just this post really. For the most part I have been largely offline for Labor Day weekend. Enjoying family, sun, books, and relaxing. My wife and son start school with their students tomorrow. They’ve been doing the usual back to school teacher days last week. Their rooms are ready. Plans are in place and tomorrow it is what I like to call “show time!” But to help you get going I have a few links from the previous week to share.

Glen Westbroek a teacher I follow on Twitter @gardenglen has been sharing posters from his classroom. I thought this one about how many days without a failing grade was fun.

According to this post at the CSTA blog Race to the Top should make STEM a higher priority and make sure it includes computer science. I have to say that I completely agree. Speaking of the CSTA, are you a Computer Science Teachers in K-12? Are you a member of the CSTA? What is the CSTA? You should join!

Angela Maiers (@AngelaMaiers) continues to Tweet interesting links  “Yes Yes! We should be teaching our children to think  - The Observer”

From Leigh Ann Sudol (@lsudol) Programmers top 10 sentences Though you may want to be careful with what WTF means.

If you use or want to create Math worksheets Microsoft has released a new prototype Math Worksheet Generator from Education Labs There are more tools for teachers coming from Microsoft

The US Imagine Cup web site is online The US rules have been changed this year to allow high schools students 16 and older to participate. Some of my co-workers are a little afraid of the idea that high school student teams may show up some of the college teams. I say go for it. Make a name from your self as a high school student.

Interested in astronomy? The Worldwide Telescope team at Microsoft Research launched a big update last week. Read about the new worldwide telescope changes here.

From Microsoft Learning (@MSLearning) there is a new (and free!) E-Learning Course: Introduction to XAML

Dimitris Gkanatsios (@dgkanatsios) has a new blog post (in English he’s in Greece) on a simple shooting game with Silverlight 3 and C#

I found this interesting leaning game - Fun with Math Imaginary Blackjack Game in a blog post by Megan Golding (@mgolding) which is more a math thing – imaginary numbers are a big part of it – but I thought it worth sharing more widely.

Have interesting links to share? Feel free to email me (alfredth (at), leave a comment or Twitter me @AlfredTwo

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