Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deploying XNA Games

Kathleen Weaver, one of the many amazing computer science teachers in Texas these days, has been using XNA Game Studio with her students. Recently she recorded two videos that demonstrate how to deploy XNA games to other devices.

Specifically this first video shows how to deploy a game from your PC to an XBOX 306. http://kweaver.us/xboxDeploy/XboxDeploy.html

This second video (http://kweaver.us/XNA_Zune/XNA_Zune.html) shows how to deploy an XNA game to a handheld Zune device. I give her extra credit for this one because she is being filmed doing a life demo to a classroom full of students.

Kathleen posted these links on her blog at http://www.kweaver.org/cs/ where she posts fairly regularly. I found her comments on required tech classes to be interesting. They go hand in hand with my recent comments about students not being as computer savvy as many think they are. Kathleen is on Twitter at @KathWeaver BTW.

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