Monday, January 04, 2010

Interesting Links January 4th 2010

Happy New Year everyone. Are you back to school or work yet? I took two weeks off and really enjoyed myself. I didn’t spend much time on the Internet as usual so I’m behind on Twitter and blogs and pretty much everything. I had written some posts to appear while I was on vacation so you may have seen them. If not, I actually think some of them are pretty good so please take a look at them. I am sort of proud on the two posts on Monte Carlo Simulations - Roulette and Slot Machines – seriously I think they describe some projects that students will find interesting and you will find educational. Also a post on sample code called Keeping It Simple may be interesting. I’ve been thinking even more about sample code and code reading lately so there may be more coming on that topic.

I was sent a link to an interesting cartoon that shows an instructor showing some serious mathematics and a student saying something like “but all I want to do is learn how to program video games.” All too many students don’t realize that there is a lot of math and physics involved in creating serious games. Some theory is really quite necessary.

So did the kids at your house get an Xbox 360 for Christmas? From @Safer_Online: “Getting the kids a game console this Christmas? Some tips on setting up their Xbox console” A lot of people are unaware that the Xbox, and many other games, have setting you can set.

From @weemooseus who you really want to think about following if you are using Twitter a number of good links recently:

A reminder for teachers in Illinois and Texas - have you seen the Bliink web design contest at In Texas this is being done in conjunction with NASA. 

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