Thursday, February 25, 2010

Students to Business Career Streams

Microsoft is doing a number of things to help people enter and grow in technology careers. Yesterday there was a post on Microsoft On The Issues called Microsoft Bolsters Efforts to Create More Opportunity for College Grads about some of those things. But there is also a program called Students 2 Business that I would like to highlight today. Specifically the new Career Streams site.

Do you know there are great technical careers out there waiting for you? Have you ever wondered…

  • What do people in these careers do?
  • What skills are needed to get started?
  • How do you get experience?
  • Are there jobs if you have the skills?

Learn about the skills that employers seek and relevant experience to land the job through Microsoft S2B Career Streams. Career Streams will introduce you to a variety of technical careers that are in demand today and tomorrow in the Microsoft community. It will help you learn the skills needed to get started in a technical career and offer opportunities to gain that vital first work experience. Career Streams guide you through three stages of training:

  1. Learn – about technical careers including a video of a professional in the field and an overview of the Microsoft tools and technologies necessary to enter the field.
  2. Skill – complete introductory training to develop skills via webcasts and online resources.
  3. Do – Practice the skills learned to create some “refrigerator art” and develop portfolio assets

Once you complete a career stream, employers can find you through Students to Business as the career stream will automatically populate your online portfolio – searchable by employers. Career Streams available today include: Web Developer, Web Designer, IT Security Specialist, Server Administrator, Network Specialist.

Register Today. Microsoft S2B Career Streams are FREE for students. All you need to do is register at and to begin your career!

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