Monday, May 30, 2011

Interesting Links Post 31 May 2011

Since yesterday was Memorial Day I posted something just a bit fun and saved my links post for today.  I hope those of you in the US enjoyed a three day weekend and also found time to remember those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I spent time with family including my World War II combat veteran father. I cherish all the time I have left with him as so many of his generation are now gone.

Now for some links.

Here is a bit of the real world of software development that they don’t teach you in school. This was tweeted and retweeted a lot last week. “ And the award for "Most Legally Encumbered Hello World Program" goes to Oracle for” A few lines of code and a lot of lines of legal boilerplate.

A number of good articles in the Microsoft Boston blog including this one about how  Microsoft’s Elevate America Community Initiatives are making a difference in the lives of Bostonians.  And this All About the Boston MTC – Q&A with Sven Ingard, MTC Director The MTC is one of Microsoft’s interesting field offices that works with customers before large projects get rolling.

The big summer doings for Microsoft’s international academic relations teams are the 124 student teams who  are competing to solve the world's toughest issues. See GOOD Magazines' favorite five projects

New Game Development Education on App Hub for the Windows Phone Mango Tools Release. This is where I am learning things for my posts like  XNA and Visual Basic–Your First Lesson and  Windows Phone 7 Games in Visual Basic

Have you read about the Microsoft Tech Student of the Month for May 2011?  – Kevin Ballinas

I saw this interesting Tweeted link from @weemooseusRed Hot: The Computer Science Job Market: (Ok HS, where are your CS teachers when your students need them?)” In spite of news stories like this I keep hearing of schools cutting back on computer science education. It doesn’t make any sense to me.


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