Monday, November 26, 2012

Interesting Links 26 November 2012

Last week was Thanksgiving in the US and for me it meant a lot of good food and family time. Among other things my son and I built a new dock. It’s the kind of project that is easier when  the level of the lake is low for the winter. Very little computer time though which is not always bad. Earlier in the week I did manage to pick up some good links to share so here they are.

Recently I talked a little about MadLibs type games in a post (The Open-ended Project) and soon after ran into more related posts. Both of these are using Python but I’m sure you could adapt them to just about any other programming languages. The most complete on was  Python Madlibs While the other shows possibly the Simplest MadLibs type game program in the world.

Code Literacy: A 21st-Century Requirement by Douglas Rushkoff reprinted at the CSTA blog.

Why coding is hot in high school is an interesting article from @CNNMoney It’s always interesting when the media “discovers” computer science in a local high school and extrapolates it to the idea that this is a universal trend. In any case the video highlights a good start to a CS program in one high school. Is it reproducible? I think that depends on the availability of willing teachers. What do you think?

CSEdWeek call to action by @fredwilson Are you ready for Computer Science Education week? Please pledge your efforts at

Speaking of CS Education week.  Save the date: On Tues Dec 11 at 6pm ET CSEdWeek will host a national Twitter conversation about the critical issue of k12 CS education. Follow the #CSedWeek hash tag and/or the @CSEdWeek twitter account.

OH: Computer Science Christmas Carol #1: The 1100 Days of Christmas.

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Garth said...

I look at that classroom and see a budget I do not have. Teaching tech is not cheap: computers, devices, teacher training, software, and some etceteras that are always needed and forgotten. At a small school teaching tech will always be difficult, no matter what the need and future.