Monday, February 11, 2013

Interesting Links 11 February 2013

Last week was a great one for me. It ended with a massive snowstorm that hit New Hampshire Friday though Saturday. I love snow and we haven’t had as much as I would have liked. It did mean a snow day (no school) on Friday but that gave me some time to spend on the Internet and so I have a healthy batch of interesting links to share with you.

Next week, 2013 Feb 17–23, is National Engineers’ Week.  Thursday (2013 Feb 21) is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.

It’s not about the device. It has never been about the device. It’s about what we do with the device.” Very inspirational video and interview with Lou Zulli, Jr one of the outstanding teachers I am proud to call a friend.

Overheard in a Computer Science classroom is the latest post by Doug Bergman  @dougbergmanUSA and is a fascinating look into a great classroom.  I love what Doug is doing.

I ran into several interesting stories about young people and computer science. Some inspiring and one cautionary.

5 Tips For Up and Coming App Developers pretty much what is says. Smile

A lot of students are interested in game development. This post Backstage with the Windows 8 Games Studio gives a bit of an inside look into a game studio and the roles and people involved.

Interesting new site (new to me anyway) that makes it easier to find videos on computer science concepts

Who Knew Helping Women Get Tech Jobs Could Be So Controversial? an interesting post on the Huffington Post via @HuffPostTech

The CSTA blog has a couple of good posts on CS education advocacy:

The latest show in Don Wettrick’s video series is The FOCUS featuring Charles Cooper and Jill Compher using Aurasma  It’s also listed in my regularly updated post on The Focus (Finding Outstanding Classrooms Using Social media)

Kinect Games version 3 New edition of educational Kinect games from David Renton @drenton72

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Mrs_D said...

I received an email about E-week. I was offered a guest speaker which I will be taking advantage of after the AP exam.