Monday, August 25, 2014

Interesting Links 25 August 2014

Well I made it though going back to school. Teachers went back Tuesday, we saw our freshmen students briefly on Wednesday and had a full (very full) day of classes on Friday. Today starts the regular routine.

Edutopia says the Computer Science is the Future of Education. Agree?

Abby Fichtner aka @HackerChick who I first met when we both worked at Microsoft writes convincingly on  Why We Need to Teach Kids to Code

Google is giving $1.5 million tosite.site_name organizations that encourage girls and minorities to learn computer science in the Google RISE Awards.  Apply now

I found yet another robot startup designed to get kids interesting in computing on twitter at @start_robo I don’t know much about them yet but their web site looks interesting

Bing's Developer Assistant for Visual Studio promises to make coding a little bit easier via @neowinfeed I’ve been using it a bit as I write some small projects. It’s helpful but you still need to know a) what you are looking for and b) how to recognize when what you have found will or will not solve your problem.

Computer Science and "Makered" on the @csteachersa blog by Laura Blankenship @lblanken  The maker movement in education and computer science are natural fits.

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