Monday, February 09, 2015

Interesting Links 9 February 2015

I’m back in Redmond WA today. First time in over three years I have been here. I expect it to feel different as a visitor after being hear many times as an employee in the past. My time here this time is with the CodeHunt team for a two day workshop with some university educators. I’ll talk about my use of Code Hunt with my high school students tomorrow. I’m also hoping to learn quite a bit while I’m here. Speaking of learning, here are this week’s interesting links.

The Science Fiction Books That Every Computer Scientist Should Check Out I haven’t read any of those books. I wonder if I should. Anyone have an opinion?

Mentors can be a powerful aid to people getting started in any area. To Get Women Into Computer Science, Sheryl Sandberg Launches Lean In Mentorship Network.

Decision trees and football? Does it get any better? Why the Pass at the End of Super Bowl XLIX was the Right Call  via Communications of the ACM

Microsoft announced that they are increasing their interest in the Internet of Things  (IoT) by delivering Windows 10 support for Raspberry Pi 2. That could open the door for some interesting projects.

School Leaders Mostly Mystified by Computer Science Education An interesting article about the results of some research the CSTA published recently.,

Speaking of CSTA, the winners of the recent CSTA equity competition made the news in their local paper. Mass. Academy students ace international video contest

The Call for Participation for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing has opened!

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