Friday, July 28, 2017

Where Will We Get The Teachers/

Computer Science Teachers Needed. But Who Will Pay to Train Them? It's always someone else's job. Or someone else's money. Who will step up and say "I'll do it!." A few companies have stood up. Google, Microsoft, and Infosys Foundation have all spent a lot of money teaching teachers. Take CS PD Week which was sponsored by the Infosys Foundation USA, with support from the National Science Foundation, the National Center for Women & IT and the Computer Science Teachers Association. The event was hosted by Colorado School of Mines. A great event that just finished its second year.

But that is all only a start. Long term we need more funders to step up. It's not going to happen on philanthropy alone.


Garth said...

The driving force will have to be local universities. While CS is a 1 - 2 section class with only a part-time instructor those summer PD events are going to be the best we can hope for. They are accessible and affordable. The face-to-face classes have a very important secondary function of building a CS teacher community.

Mike Zamansky said...

We're going to need quaility pre-service / in-service programs similar to other disciplines. Of cousre, the quality of those programs in other disciplines range wildly so that's not altogether a good thing. On the whole, however, it's better than the current PD based model where teachers are learning to superficially deliver canned content.