Friday, February 23, 2018

Accessibility and Computer Science

I’ve been following, as much as one can, the SIGCSE conference via Twitter this week. One of the comments I read talked about how many places don’t teach accessibility because they don’t see it as part of computer science. I can see that – sort of. On the other hand, accessibility is really an important part of human computer interaction and few fail to see that as an important part of computer science. Human-Computer Interaction is one of the 18 Knowledge Areas discussed in the CS 2013 Final Report

These days are we increasingly recognize diversity as important in teaching computer science I think it is important to realize that accessibility is essential for improving diversity in all areas. That means it should be included in any discussion of Human-Computer Interaction.

Speaking of HCI, the video below is a fun and useful look into what HCI and good design means. It was shown at SIGCSE by Tim Bell of Computer Science Unplugged.

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