Friday, October 12, 2018

What Does My Phone Number Spell?

Project ideas are everywhere. Today a friend apparently spent some time figuring out what words his phone number spelled. It turns out that there are several web sites that will do this for you.

The one I tried was and it works pretty well. My area code has a zero in it so that is a problem. My number also has some 1s in it and there are no letters for that either. Still it can be a fun thing to try.

I was thinking this might make a good programming task for beginners though. Some fun with loops and arrays perhaps. How many combinations are there? Can we verify actual words with a dictionary look up?

How about going the other way, translating seven or ten letter words/phrases into phone numbers?

Anyone tried something like this? I think I may take advantage of my sick day today to play around with the idea some more. Any suggestions?

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Mike Zamansky said...

Do kids even use phone numbers anynmore? Isn't all "contacts" on their cell phones?

On the other hand, you can tie this in to a lot of great history and networking if you go back to the old exchanges.

Here are a couple of link:

Exchange names

Old signs with exchanges