Tuesday, February 26, 2019

CSTA Board Elections 2019

Wow! Computer Science Teachers Association members should all have gotten an email about this year’s election for the CSTA Board. It is a remarkable slate of candidates. It seems to get stronger year after year. We, members, have to make decisions though. Not that anyone really cares but I am sharing my thoughts.

The K-12 seat is between Doug Bergman and Art Lopez. I’m sure Art would do a great job but I’m voting for Doug Bergman. I’ve know Doug for years and pushed him to run for the Board for several years before I got him to throw his hat in the ring. I’ve been impressed with his performance over his first term on the Board. He is a tireless worker, a leading edge teacher, and a strong promoter of computer science education. Doug gets things done.  Doug Bergman has earned a second term on the Board.

K-8 has another good pair of candidates - Vicky Sedgwick and Alana Robinson. Coming from a big city system and a special education background is a strong plus for Alana. On the other hand, Vicky has been a remarkable advocate for K-8 teachers inside and outside CSTA. Her work with the #CSK8 Twitter chat has been a phenomenal community builder and educational experience for K-8 teachers everywhere.  I would like to see Vicky Sedgwick have another term on the CSTA Board.

School District representative is also a tough choice. Dan Blier and Byran Twarek. I met Bryan while working on the K-12 CS Framework and was very impressed with his work ethic and commitment to computer science education. His experience and performance on the board suggest that Byran Twarek should have a second term.

At-Large is the toughest decision. There is no incumbent nominated for one thing. And both candidates are seriously strong. Lien Diaz has done a lot of work growing computer science education both at her time with the College Board and since moving to Georgia Tech. She’s smart and understands the sort of politics that are involved in growing CS education. Michelle Friend was very important to the creating and early years of CSTA.  Her institutional knowledge of CSTA is very valuable.

I’m still thinking about this one and hate not to vote for Michelle but am leaning towards Lien Diaz.

[Full disclosure: I suggested myself as a nominee for the At-Large opening. I don’t doubt that either of the nominated candidates will do as well or better than I would.]

OK people. My two cents are out there. The CSTA Board candidate bios are available. Read them critically and make your own decision. Agree or disagree feel free to add you two cents in the comments.

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