Monday, February 03, 2020

Check Out The CS Ed Podcast

I first heard about the CS Ed Podcast back when I wrote on debugging. Amy Ko of the university of Washington talked about teaching debugging in a recent interview. I listened to that interview, which I recommend, but did not take the time to dig into previous podcasts. Earlier today I read a post by Mark Guzdial which brought this resource back to my attention.

Welcome to The CS-Ed podcast, hosted by Dr. Kristin Stephens-Martinez at Duke University. This is a podcast where we talk about teaching computer science, with computer science educators, to learn how they teach and manage their classrooms. Find all of our episodes here, along with transcripts and helpful links!

So far there are four podcasts

I haven't been through all of these yet. So far just the Amy Ko and Dan Garcia ones. I read the transcripts for the most part and really appreciate that I can choose between reading and listening. Those of you who listen to podcasts may have a different preference. But I agree with Mark Guzdial's recommendation that these are valuable resources for anyone teaching computer science.

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