Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Teaching From Home–Day 3

I miss my students. It’s hard talking and not seeing or hearing any reactions. Are they getting my jokes? Even polite laughter and pretending I am funny would be a help. My schedule is weird as well. A lot of extra time. I’m part-time this year and have three regular classes and a study hall. Obviously the study hall is not meeting. With the blocks we are using I have advisory (home room) and then one class at noon on A days. On B days I have the advisory (at 8), a class at 9:25 and a class at noon. Lots of time in-between.  That is far more than I am used to since I usually meet with students two to four times a day plus advisory.

Of course I am not driving to school either so there is more time I get back. As you might expect a lot of that time is useful for planning. I have to figure out what I can get in with fewer meeting times. What are the priorities? For my AP CS P class I have to figure out how to handle the Explore Performance task. That has to be handed in before the end of April (unless the College Board changes deadlines). How do I demonstrate the required in-class time? Lots of other adaptions as well.

I’m also getting some long delayed home projects done as well. I guess that is a plus.Maybe this will help me work into retirement.

Things didn’t quite go as smoothly as yesterday.  Adapting things so that they work on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks can get a little tricky. We’re working on solutions but this is just one example of why making a big change mid-semester is not as easy as flipping a switch. Well, we’re learning.

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