Thursday, August 13, 2020

Are You Ready to Help with CSTA 2021

The call for participation in CSTA 2021 is now out. You can learn about the submission process and look at some possible topic areas on the conference information page here. There are several ways to help out with the conference (see below). You can present or you can become a reviewer. Both are very important roles.

I encourage CS teachers to consider submitting a proposal to present. I have been honored to present at the CSTA conference a number of times over the years and have found it a very rewarding experience. The audience is kind and anxious to learn. This summer, the conference being online, added a new and extra facet which I found surprisingly energizing. I am hoping, as I think most of us are, that next summer we will be meeting in person. Either way, presenting at CSTA is a great way to be part of the community and to help expand knowledge

Chances are that you tried something new this past spring. Or will be trying something new this fall semester. That means you probably have something worthwhile to share. Don’t be shy!

Reviewers are also critical to having a good conference. Reviewers read and evaluate proposals and are essential in the process of picking the best presentations at the conference. Please think about helping out in this way.

  • Apply to present: We're accepting submissions for a one-hour session, three-hour workshop, 20-minute mini-session, 45-minute Birds of a Feather discussion, or a poster session. Visit our website for more information on the process and to submit your application. All submissions are due by Nov. 8.
  • Become a reviewer: We invite you to consider reviewing submissions for CSTA 2020! If you've attended or presented at a prior CSTA conference, have a connection to K–12 computer science, and are available between Nov. 23, and Dec. 17, consider volunteering your time!

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