Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Is Wordle A Project To Assign Students to Program?

Seems like a lot of people are playing Wordle on social media these days. Have you tried it? It’s a word/letter version of old Mastermind game The idea is that you enter a five letter word and the game tells you if you have a letter from the word in the correct place (green highlight), a letter from the word in the wrong place (gold highlight), or a letter that isn’t in the word (grey highlight). You have 6 attempts to get it right.

You can read more about the game many places but I read about it here.

It’s a fun game to play especially if word puzzles are your thing. I’ve had students program Mastermind in the past. It goes pretty well. This might be a fun variation for students as well. The current tie in with social media may be a plus as well.

Oh, wait, can we program the computer to solve Wordles?

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