Sunday, September 09, 2012

Welcome to My New Blog Home

This blog has actually existed for a while but had not been my real blog home. Recent changes (Leaving Microsoft) mean that I can no longer blog about computer science education and related issues at my previous blog. That’s unfortunate although I am happy that the content there will remain. Some of you are visiting this transparently as you have been subscribed to my blog via feedburner and some RSS reader. Glad you came by and I hope you’ll stay. Others have arrived though a pointer someone shared. If any of you have pointers to my blog that point to the old location I hope you will update them to point to I’d appreciate the help.

Other than location what’s changed? Not a lot really. I still love Microsoft products but I’ll probably be writing more about products and tools from other places now. My wife says I have to stop thinking of “iPad” as a “dirty word” and I’m working on it. Smile

I’m hoping that my friends and anyone else interested in computer science education will continue to forward links and references for me to share. I look around a lot but miss things without other to help. My new email address is act2 @ Just pull out the spaces.

I’m going to continue my Monday morning round up of links and references. Most of those were and will continue to come from (and be tweeted about by me) on Twitter. You can follow my on Twitter @AlfredTwo and if are a Twitter user I hope you will.


Stephen Downes said...

Congratulations - I hope - what are you doing now?

I always thought you represented Microsoft well.

Oh, and you can still hate iPad - embrace the world of open.

Alfred C Thompson II said...

I'm still figuring out my next steps. A lot of possibilities. Thanks for your comments. Even for someone who isn't a true open source person Apple always feels too closed for me.

Eugene Wallingford said...

Good luck. Change is scary, but invigorating. I feel a desire to take a similar plunge. We'll see.