Monday, September 24, 2012

Interesting Links 24 September 2012

Happy Monday. Well try to start the day with a big smile until you actually feel like smiling. It works. Trust me on that. Last week a lot of things crossed my screen but I think I have the best of them to share with you today. First a couple of important reminders though.

First for the young geeky women you know the applications are open for the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing. This program recognizes women who are interested in technology. I hear all sorts of inspiring stories about the winners and their potential. So please look into it.

Also if you are a K-12 computer science professional development (PD) provider or know of one, it is of vital importance that your efforts are recognized in this national landscape study of computer science PD. By completing the survey (link below) you will ensure that your PD opportunity will count. PD Survey Link:

A couple of good links from my old manager at Microsoft Bob Familiar ‏@bobfamiliar signing Retro Looking Games for Windows 8 and long list of tools for creating games for Windows 8 at Windows 8 Game Development For The Win.

I really like this post What Does “Big Data” Mean?  at the blog@CACM | Communications of the ACM. I can’t help but see it as a great, more in depth follow on to my recent post Thinking About Databases.

Some people are just born to teach. I love this story of a Harvard grad who leaves Microsoft to teach at Issaquah High School.

I continue to be impressed with the way Kinect is finding uses with special needs students. See how teacher Shannon Putman uses Kinect to empower students with autism. Can you see more applications like this?

My friend Vicki Davis (aka Cool Cat Teacher) was highlighted in the Boundless Educator Spotlight: Vicki Davis

Also last week I discovered the  Crypto Museum website which is an online museum on cryptography. You should see the things they have for sale too! If you or students you know are interested in cryptography you really should check it out.

Over on the  Coding 4 Fun web site they now have Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.2, now with source code.

Kinect Magic Cursor allows you to use Kinect connected to a Windows 7 pc to control the windows mouse pointer and perform left clicks.

My good friend Doug Peterson had a very thought provoking post called How do you foster technological innovation? I’ll have more to say on this general topic later in the week So keep coming by.

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