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Computer Science Education Blog Roll

I thought I had moved a copy of this to my current blogging location but it appears not. Just an attempt to help others find great computer science education blogs. These are not really in any particular order.  If there are more blogs I should be listing (and following myself) please let me know in the comments and I will edit them in.

  • Mike Zamansky Mike runs the computer science program at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. He’s a very creative person. he’s also built and maintained a community of students who stay connected after graduation.
  • Garth's CS Teacher Blog  Garth Flint is a teacher at a private Catholic school in western Montana. Garth always gives me things to think about.
  • Mark Guzdial – University of Michigan Computing Education Blog  Mark is probably doing more research in how to teach computer science right than anyone else I know. His posts include information about the CS Principles course, he is on the advisory board, which will probably be a new APCS course. He talks about the work they are doing at Georgia Tech both in terms of teaching new and different courses there as well as the Georgia Computes! program that is helping to develop more CS education at the HS level in Georgia. I wish I wrote half as well as Mark. Whether if be his commentary on the various articles he finds or information about his own work or discussion of  things his graduate students are doing what you will find here are well thought out, well written and informative posts. His are the first posts I read most days. 
  • Michele Lombardi started a blog at  I've already gotten some great ideas and hope to learn more from her.
  • Doug Bergman is the award winning head of Computer Science at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC 
  • Doug Off The Record Doug Peterson’s blog is a lot more than just computer science education but I do get some great CS links from him. It’s a great blog for anyone interesting in teaching with technology as well as teaching about technology. It’s one of my top reads every day. BTW follow him on Twitter @DougPete
  • CSTA Blog The CSTA blog is updated by various members of the CSTA board. I find it essential for keeping up with news from CSTA.  I highly recommend CSTA membership for anyone who teaches computer science in pre-collegiate education.
  • Brandi Finchum has started a blog called Binary Addition She has some resources to share (some though Teachers Pay Teacher) but I haven't looked at them myself yet.
  • Adam Michlin has his Cutting Edge Old School Computer science blog we don't always agree but he always makes me think. It's a good blog to follow.
  • MaryClair Wright has a new blog called Computational Thinking in Classroom 112 
  • This is what a computer scientist looks like is a blog by Dr. Amy Csizmar Dalal Professor of Computer Science and STEM Director .
  • William Lou @MrLauLearning on Twitter is blogging at Look Who's Learning Too Don't miss his Little Book of Algorithms.
  • Barbara Ericson has started blogging at  Computing for Everyone Barb is an assistant professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan.   She has been working in computing education research since 2004. She was at Georgia Tech as a research scientist from 2006 to 2018. Her reports on participation in APCS are legendary. 
  • Bob Irving - Bob is a middle school teacher at Porter-Gaud School in South Carolina. 
  • Øyvind Jakobsson posts as Lektor Øyvind and teaches computer science in Norway. His blog is in English though.   
  • Set Another Goal By Clark Scholten Computer Science Teacher at Pinnacle High School
  • Steven Isaacs - Games and Learning blog - Steven teaches Video Game Design and Development at William Annin Middle School in Basking Ridge, NJ
  • Primary Computing by @hengehall  Ben Hall is a Computing teacher and coordinator. and a CAS Master Teacher in the UK.
  • Jeff Yearout - Noobie's Adventures In K-12 Computer Science Teaching - Jeff is really just starting out as I update this list but I hope he keeps it going. 
  • CS0 is a blog by Brett Becker, lecturer in Computer Science at University College Dublin and Computing Education researcher.
  • abstractingCS by Jill Westerlund
  • Daniel Moix  21st Century Educator
  • Laura Blankenship  writes mostly about teaching CS at an all girls' school.  And the occasional post about her kids.
  • .@MrAColley a Lead Practitioner of Computing, ICT and T&L in the UK. I've shared some of his BBC Micro:Bit resources.
  • HS Comp Sci Thoughts - Dan Schellenberg teaches high school Computer Science and Mathematics in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
  • William Lou – Look Who’s Learning Too Teacher of Computing. Believes in preparing students for life in the uncertain and exciting future.
  • Dawn DuPriestcoding in math class -  Middle School Computer Science and Electronics teacher, Feminist, and Maker
  • Harvey S. Taylor’s blog – Harvey is passionate about education and teaching Business, Humanities and Computing.
  • Dan Anderson - A Recursive Process Math teacher seeking patterns.
  • Evan Weinberg - Currently teaching Math 10, IB math(s) & physics, and web programming at an int'l school in China.
  • Marty Stepp Lecturer, Computer Science Department, Stanford University
  • Mathy McMatherson Bloggy McBloggerson – Mostly math – aka Daniel Schneider 
  • mathematicsandcoding Mathematics, mathematics education and computer programming. - Dr Bennison Secondary mathematics teacher. Maths PhD. Computer coder.
  • Leigh Ann Sudol-DeLyser In need of a Base Case Leigh Ann Sudol works for the NYC Foundation for CS Education as a Program Manager and was a high school computer science teacher in New York state for a number of years. Leigh Ann is the person who trained me to grade the AP CS exam the year I was a reader. 
  • Communications of the ACM: blog@CACM The CACM blog has posts from some of the top people in computer science. Some of the posts are very technical but many are potentially interesting for students, teachers and CS hobbyists alike. 
  • Stacey Armstrong is a computer science teacher at Cypress Woods High School in Houston, TX. An accomplished APCS teacher and certified APCS consultant for the College Board. He writes about general CS concepts and issues.
  • Christian Thompson's blog Christian Thompson (no relation) is the Education Technology Integrator at  Sacred Heart Tokyo, Japan. I was attracted to his blog by a series on creating a text adventure game in Python. See Interactive Fiction in Python Introduction for more on that.
  • Ray Chambers is an ICT teacher Lodge Park Technology Collect in Corby Northamptonshire, England. Ray is huge in developing applications that use Kinect in education. I find his projects both inspiring and potentially quite useful.
  • Johnny Kissko KinectEDucation Blog “KinectEDucation is an educator-driven community resource for developers, teachers, students, enthusiasts, and any other education stakeholder to promote the use of Kinect applications in classrooms.”
  • Eugene Wallingford, University of Northern Iowa, IW, US Knowing and Doing Eugene writes a lot about the things he does in class and I find this very informative. Teaching and Learning is the top item in his blog categories list. Computing and Software Development as close behind. This is another blog I like for its well thought out and well written posts. And like a lot of Mark Guzdial’s posts, the posts here often make me think. And I am always learning from this blog as well. From insights into pedagogy to societal issues in computing I find a lot of value in this blog.
  • Rob Miles – Hull University, UK Rob Miles' Journal The first thing you have to know about Rob is that he has a great sense of humor. The second thing is that he knows what he is talking about with regards to game development and programming for mobile devices. Rob has written a lot of good curriculum resources and is one heck of a speaker. On his blog he shares a lot of his resources as well as a lot about his life. This is not all tech all the time by any means. So if you take things too seriously read about the other blogs here. But for me I enjoy his travel talk and outstanding photography as well as the insights into teaching and software development. Rob is one of the first bloggers I ever started reading and I enjoy his work a great deal.
  • Planet CAS an aggregation of "Blogs about Computing at School in the UK." Some very good writers contribute there. I just recently discovered this system and I should have had it in here before I was reminded in the comments.
  •  What You Teach By Tracy Rudzitis who teaches computer classes to 6th and 7th graders.
  • Teaching Computer Science by Crystal Furman, Computer Science Teacher, Brookwood High School, Gwinnett County Public Schools.
  • Computing Education a research blog about computer science education by Cait Sydney Pickens, a graduate student at Michigan State University and a Noogler. A Noogler is a new employee at Google by  the way. She is doing some cs education research.
  • - Cody's CS Education Blog
  • Coding to Learn  Marc Scott is a computer science teacher in the UK. Also on twitter at ">@Coding2Learn

  • John OlsonComputer Science and Applications Teacher
  • International School of Aberdeen
  • Jim Huggins Kettering University 
  • Existential Type Robert Harper, Carnegie Mellon University – Very technical and I don’t always follow everything.

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