Monday, May 13, 2013

Interesting Links 13 May 2013

Just about a month left of this school year for me. In between trying to keep things going with grading and teaching I’m starting to think about what I want to learn over the summer to use in class next year. Some of  the links below are about some of these things. A lot going on in CS education these days.

Ray Chambers who is one of the very innovative teachers I have run into over the past few years has posted his Scheme Of Work for Touch Develop. I've downloaded most of it myself to look at how I might use Touch Develop in my own classes.

For more  on Touch Develop take a look at Getting in touch with TouchDevelop (Think 'From What to Wow")  from Channel 9 @ch9

Four ways to kick start zombie coders is another great post by a UK CS education blogger. Zombie coders are those students who just don’t know where to begin. Some great ideas here. BTW I follow her @CodeBoom on Twitter.

Peter Beens in Canada  (@pbeens) pointed his Twitter followers to this great article written by Mitchel Resnick of MIT and Scratch fame.  Learn To Code, Code To Learn.

Speaking of Scratch, there is a new upgrade to Scratch 2.0! Check out the updated website:

Computer Science Concepts in Scratch - Free textbook and more. Set up for Scratch 1.0 but still useful now. Updates are planned as well. 

Chris Lehmann: Students as Active Agents is a new interview by Ken Royal. Chris is one of the outstanding high school principals I know.

More genius from @drenton72: NoNeed4Green - The Green Screen without a Green Screen is a Kinect application with a lot of good educational possibilities.

Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won't Hire You. Not without programming knowledge. Some controversy about this one. See this contrary view at Sorry, Digital Ad Exec, I Probably Don’t Want To Work For You

From Google to Botball, check out what NCWIT Aspirations in Computing recipients have done lately.
Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.7 with Gesture support /by @drenton72 Good read

Expeditous - Time Lapse is a video by one of my wife’s students. I’d like to see it get some views to encourage them for the future.

Ingenious app for the deaf!  Help @Bookwormlexa reach her goal.

See how this Texas CS classroom inspires students and teaches skills for in-demand careers.

CS Resources Abound But There’s Still a Crisis in CS Education an insightful look at what is going on in CS education by Joe Kmoch.

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