Monday, January 20, 2014

Interesting Links 20 January 2014

It’s the calm before the storm for me. Tomorrow starts semester exams at my school and I’ll be busy this week grading semester projects. I’m a huge fan of end of semester projects over exams. Today though is a school holiday for Martin Luther King Day. I wonder how many students are using the day to study?

I really like this interview with James Allen conducted by a student. It is called How computer science teachers can better reach their students James Allen at an all girls school.

Want to take a look at how technology has changed? Take a look at  Everything From This 1991 Radio Shack Ad You Can Now Do With Your Phone via @HuffPostTech

Registration open for CSTA’s 2014 Annual Conference. Discussions workshops & sessions tailored for K–12 CS educators  The best professional development event of the year for computer science teachers in my opinion.

20-hour-bannerDid you know that Code.Org has  a new online K-8 Intro to CS course (w/rewards for teachers). Check it out. Love to hear your opinions if you teach to those age groups.

Is your school or business still running XP? Read this. Windows XP: Apocalypse Now via Hal Berenson @halberenson

Computer science fairy tale about queues I a cute video that your students may enjoy. Discussion starter at the very least.

Cait Sydney Pickens had a great post called "A few thoughts on being an ally" in response to my post at “Teachers and Role Models in CS Education.” Worth a read.

Applications for Google's CSSI and the Generation Google Scholarship have opened for graduating high school seniors. These look like great opportunities for HS seniors planning on studying computing in university.

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