Monday, January 27, 2014

Interesting Links 27 January 2014

New semester starts for me today. Brand me (to me) batch of chain linksstudents in two sections of Explorations in Computer Science and one section of Honors Programming. I’m pretty excited about that. A chance to improve based on what I learned teaching those classes the past semester. Finishing grading semester projects? Not quite as exciting. Smile 

Here now some links to get your week off to an interesting start.

Why aren't more girls interested in computer science? Barbara Ericson of Georgia Tech talks about that issue on CNN’s Headline News.

Pick your heads up students; Active Learning is saving the day  A lot of great stuff going on at a school in Florida where my friend Lou Zulli teaches.

NJ/NY/Philly peeps: @hackBCA high school hackathon will be held at Bergen County Academies HS on March 22. Visit the site at

Dusty World: Do you teach computer studies or computer studies? Apparently the confusion between computer science as an academic subject and a career/technical subject is not just an American thing. Take a read on how things are going in Canada.

Microsoft Brings Its Perspective on Computer Science Education  to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014 in Davos Switzerland.

Rock, Paper, Kinect for Windows v2 I have got to play with this!

Boston area peeps: @MITBlueprint is hosting a workshop on 2/22 for HS students! Learn 2 build apps Google Cambridge! More at

Google After-School Program Encourages Study of Computer Science Sounds like this program is going well. I still think we need CS education as part of the school day but better after school than nothing.

Broward transforming computer science classes and so is Chicago.  CPS to make computer science a core subject Looks like the attention computer science education is getting lately is starting to pay off.

"Password" unseated by "123456" on SplashData's annual "Worst Passwords" list I have this list in my computer lab. Kids get a kick out of it but it is also a powerful lesson.

The “Secret Agenda” of The co-founder of Code.Org writes about its mission and not so secret goals.

Computer Science Teacher: CS Educator Interviews: The Index  Updated with a great new interview I found.

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