Monday, April 07, 2014

Interesting Links 7 April 2014

Spring has sprung. Well at least the last of the snow is gone. Seems like late here but it hardly matters as I’ve been busy with school anyway. Seems like last week was slow for me on the Internet at least. Not to fear though I have a couple of links to share.

what is computational thinking? What indeed? This is a great explanation from the UK’s Computing At School site.

World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design video  I’m trying hard to get my students to understand the importance of making web pages accessible. This video from the University of Washington is a big help.

Why (And How) Students Are Learning To Code An infographic with a lot of information. 

Majors with the Most Pre-Graduation Job Offers. According to a recent study, students in these degrees receive more job offers before graduation.  Computer Science tops the list! 

How do we make programming languages more usable and learnable? A lot of discussion in the comments as well. Another great post by Mark Guzdial.

Senator Gillibrand Proposes New Legislation for Computer Science education 

Penn Scientists Teach Computer Programs How to Teach Programming  some news at Communications of the ACM.

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