Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Upcoming Bootstrap Workshops

From the CSTA announcement list.

Bootstrap is a curricular module for students ages 12-16, which teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming. In this workshop you’ll Bootstraplearn how videogame programming can be directly aligned with algebraic and geometric concepts. Work with your peers to discuss classroom experiences, and spend the day in your students' shoes. You'll be able to debrief with other teachers, talk pedagogy with the trainers, and try out the materials and software firsthand. And finally, you'll go home with a video game that you created! Choose the one that best meets your needs.

San Francisco, CA :: May 17th

We're offering a one-day Bootstrap infosession, hosted by Upward Bound at USF. This is not a full training, but will be a good introduction for anyone who is interested in learning more about the program. Discover how Bootstrap connects computer programming to core algebraic concepts, using a creative and hands-on project. You can sign up to reserve your seat, at USF's registration page []. For more information, contact Emmanuel Schanzer, or visit the Bootstrap website [].


Waltham, MA :: June 25th-27th

The Massachusetts Computer Science Teachers Association is hosting a 3-day BYOD Bootstrap Workshop for teachers, which runs from June 25th-27th. This workshop is a full-scale training for math and computer science teachers, which includes a chance for you to practice teaching some of the material and getting feedback from peers and master teachers. 

Register at to reserve your place now - registration is limited, and these seats will fill up fast! For more information, contact Emma Youndtsmith at, or visit the Bootstrap website [].


New York City, NYC :: August 20th-21st

Bootstrap is delivering a 2-day workshop as part of our partnership with CSNYC. Space is limited to 40 participants, and priority will be given to public school teachers. For more information, contact Rosanna Sobota at, or visit the Bootstrap website [].

Hope to see you there!

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