Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teach APCS–A New Shared Resource Site

A few days ago I was contacted by Christina Cacioppo whose day job is an engineer at a startup but who is also helping to teach Advanced Placement Computer Science. She is involved at a public school in San Francisco through TEALS ( which places software professionals in the classroom to help start CS programs. Christina has created her own site to share resources. I have to say it has a lot already but she is looking for others to contribute as well. The site is called Teach APCS.

According to its creator, Teach APCS currently has:

  • an interactive REPL to help students get started
  • a dictionary of common terms
  • a compiler-error-to-English translator
  • a list of exercises that have been tested in classrooms and seem successful (these look particularly interesting to me BTW)
  • a "microtext" – snippet-sized explanations of key AP CS concepts
  • a list of microlectures – solid YouTube videos that could supplement
    classroom instruction.

If you are teaching APCS or other Java course check it out. Perhaps share some resources of your own!

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