Monday, October 13, 2014

Interesting Links 13 October 2014

It was Spirit Week at my school last week. It’s always interesting what students wear when they have really wide latitude – they wear uniforms most days. I also tried out Code Hunt with my students. I blogged about that yesterday in case you missed it - Experiments with Code Hunt. Next I need to tell them about the Imagine Cup Code Hunt Challenge.

Mike Zamansky has another great post on Using easy assignments to introduce deep concepts.

How good is school IT? by Garth Flint   About the big problems schools have doing IT support on the cheap. I wonder how many people understand how under resourced school IT support is in most schools.

Please check out the 2014 We Are the Faces of Computing Contest Information I posted last week. And have your students enter!

GitHub has a free Student Developer Pack with some developer tools in it. I don’t know why Microsoft’s DreamSpark isn’t included? My tweets to Microsoft went unanswered and most of the people I would have asked about this two years ago have moved on to other roles or even companies. In any case Dreamspark is worth checking out independently.

Google CS Engagement Small Awards Program that may be of interest to my friends in higher ed teaching CS 1 or CS 2

Another contest. Microsoft wants to hear from students navigating the future of cybersecurity. College/University students only apparently.  Student Essay Contest: Cyberspace 2025

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