Monday, January 19, 2015

Interesting Links 19 January 2015

School is out today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day. Semester exams start tomorrow. I think I’m ready. I hope my students are ready.  I do have a couple of interesting links to share today. Hope you find them useful.

Logo changes: The challenge of making a square in modern Logos – From Mark Guzdial – you can’t use lessons and instructions from early Lego materials with modern implementations of Logo. I’m wondering how hard it would be to write a new Logo that was backward compatible with the original materials.

Kids these days -- they don't know nuttin – New from Mike Zamansky about how little students know about the technology industry. 

Applications are now open for Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute and the Generation Google Scholarship! Mostly for graduating high school seniors. Looks good for those who can get in.

Choice of Programming Language - Justifying my Choice. We all get asked about what languages we teach with and why. In this post Ben Gristwood, an ICT/Computing teacher in the North West of England, writes about why he teaches with Visual Basic.

New Entrepreneur Unit for CS Classes – on the CSTA blog, Irene Lee writes about and interesting looking add-on unit for computer science classes being developed in New Mexico.

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