Monday, January 05, 2015

Interesting Links 5 January 2015

First interesting links post of the new year! I hope your year is off to a good start. Classes started back up for me today. I think I’m ready even though I didn’t get all the grading done that I planned. Oh well I needed the time away from it. And now for some links to start you off.
Mike Zamansky responds to my predictions with his own post at CS Ed Predictions 2015. Laura Blankenship replies on her blog as well. An example of how cross blog conversations adds to the the discussion.
The Changing of the Nerd by Doug Bergman. Good quote “It’s normal to have the same gadgets which, in another time, would qualify you to be kind/queen of the nerds but now it just makes you cool…I mean normal.”
Recommended SF Reading for Computer Scientists on the blog@CACM I left some suggestions in the comments but I’m surprised not to see more from others. Jump in!
One bad tweet can be costly to a student athlete another cautionary tale to share with students. People ARE paying attention to them and that is not always to their advantage.
Time to Reflect   A few thoughts on reflecting and planning - posted on the CSTA blog
Why there’s no such thing as an ‘F’ in computer science By Ayanna Howard and Alison Derbenwick Miller Fear! Our students have it – how do we deal with it?
Let's Not Forget: CS 1 Is Hard For Most Students by Eugene Wallingford. For those of us who have been coding for a long time it is easy to forget this. It was once hard for us to.

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