Monday, April 06, 2015

Interesting Links 6 April 2015

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. For me it was a three day weekend. One of the benefits of teaching at a Catholic school is having Good Friday off. I do worry that some students may think that is the reason it is called “Good Friday” though. Now before I get to this week’s links I want to remind CSTA members that they should have received their voting information for the Board of Directors election. This year there are also a pair of bylaw changes to vote on as well. Please check it all out and don’t forget to vote.

Gov Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas announces group to oversee computer science implementation - Actually includes some teachers including Carl Frank who is the president of the Arkansas CSTA chapter. That makes me hopeful.

I saw this article about a Kinect app called Kinetisense which brings objectivity to range of motion therapy. This makes me even more interested in bring some Kinect development to my classroom. I may have to look at this as well. GesturePak v2 simplifies creation of gesture-controlled apps. And this Kinect 2 Hands On Labs

My post on Robots For Teaching Programming has been updated with links to Codie crowd funding effort.

Video Tutorial: A Simple Python Turtle Graphics Game Now all I need is time to watch it!

Also Mark Guzdial has a new eBook for CS education: The focus is Python and the new CS Principles course.Embedded image permalink

What should we be teaching: programmers or thinkers?  another great post by Garth Flint. It’s not really an either or question but a matter of focus.

String Immutability - APCS A Deep Dive THis is a great post by Rebecca Dovi on a topic that confuses a lot of students.

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