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Interesting Links 4 May 2015

Last week was school vacation week and I had a lot of plans. I threw them all away and decided to spend a couple of days getting over a nasty stomach bug. I think a lot of teachers get sick on school breaks. As one of my teacher friends pointed out at least I didn’t have to prepare plans for a substitute. And just between us I also got some extra relaxation reading in. As the week went on I started doing more and more and most of the links below were collected later in the week. I’m glad I found them.

Last week I mentioned Break Into Code, a Microsoft Imagine Cup competition using TouchDevelop. According to this blog post there are some additional resources available for people who want to help students get involved. 

Introducing Spot via @YouTube a robot "dog" Looks pretty cool to me.

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There is a thought provoking post at the Blog @ ACM Meet A.I. Joe It’s about the combination of artificial intelligence and weapons of war. Some serious technical and ethical questions. Questions well worth discussing with students.

Microsoft is sponsoring an opportunity for High School Computer Science Teachers: be a part of MIT’s  @cs50  with a CS50 for Educators BootCamp at their Redmond headquarters. Looks interesting. Wrong coast for me though. :-(

Rob Miles writes about using Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi Rob is always getting involved with the latest in hardware and software. 

Whoah, Visual Studio Code for Mac and for Linux! A multiplatform code editor from Microsoft? That was a bit of a surprise. I can use regular Visual Studio at school and home but I may have to look at this for student use. More and more students are getting Macs these days.

FizzBuzz In Too Much Detail  FizzBuzz is one of my favorite little projects but this post shows what happens when something is analyzed and refactored (perhaps) a bit too far. Worth the read.

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