Friday, May 01, 2015

Office Mixes for Learning C#

Over the last few months I have recorded a few Office Mixes for use in my C# class. I’ve also built up a nice collection of PowerPoint presentations which I have used and updated as I have presented to various sections of my Honors Programming class. I had intended to record mixes for the complete set of PowerPoints (about 15 in all) this past week but alas circumstances conspired to make that hard to do. It will probably have to wait until summer now unless I can sneak in some time to do them one by one.

I decided today to at least see what I had done so far and to see if there were other Mixes on C# that I could share and use. I found a couple – fewer than I expected. But here is the list so far. I intend to update it as a) I make more Mixes and b) I find more by other people.

Let me know if you use any of these and if you find them helpful or if you find errors in them. Thanks.

C# Mixes by Alfred Thompson

Simple Arithmetical Operations - A fast review of operators in C# followed by a number of simple Code Hunt Code Duels for practice.

A Brief Introduction to Operators in C# - What are the mathematical and relational operators in C# programming? This is a brief introduction.

If Statements and Boolean Expressions - A short (7 minutes or so) review of if statements and Boolean expressions followed by three Code Hunt code duels to try out how well you know the material.

For Loops - This is intended as a brief review of how a for loop works in C#. There are a few easy review questions at the end.

While Loops - This short review of while loops, with a start on loops in general, is intended as a review aid for students. There are several easy review questions at the end.

Working with Files in C# - A brief and simple explanation of opening, closing, reading, and writing to text files in C#. A few very simple quiz questions at the end.

Introduction to Classes and Objects - A ten minute or so introduction to creating classes in C#. A few review questions at the end to see if you were paying attention.

Dynamic Adding of Objects to a Windows Form Project - This short video introduces the dynamic creation and loading of an array of objects in a C# Windows Form. It includes placing the objects, create an event handler and adding the object to the form.


Mixes by Other People

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