Monday, March 14, 2016

Interesting Links 14 March 2016

  The US went on to Daylight Savings Time over the weekend. Most of my devices updated their clocks automatically. How that happens is an interesting discussion. Did you know that companies regularly have to update their software to account for countries changing how and when they change time zones? It’s something most of us have come to take for granted but it can be a major headache for software companies. BTW Doug Peterson has a blog post about this very topic to start my interesting links post today.

My social, daylight saving, error correcting friends

More and more states are jumping on the computer science for everyone bandwagon. Code.Org announced two states last week:
And more people are writing about how to bring CS to individual schools and districts - A Simple “Algorithm” for Bringing Coding to Your School @WiseStamp

In the United Kingdom where they jumped on the CS for All train earlier people are realizing that “Delivering computer science is 'challenging' for schools’

An article on Fast Company asks the question I and a lot of other people are asking -As schools put more emphasis on CS, how are we teaching TEACHERS to code?

What is Computer Science Principles? a video from @codeorg My assistant principal wants to see us add this course to the schools program of studies. Are you adding it at your school?

Build it, run it, host it on Azure – make a Web game live in under an hour! This video is on my things to watch for this week. The cloud is the big thing and I need to learn more about it.

Closing today with a quote from Patrick Larson, a local assistant superintendent of schools who is active in social media. Are you promoting your school and its programs on social media?


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