Monday, May 16, 2016

Interesting Links 16 May 2016

Well I’m late with this. Usually I write these us Sunday night but last night I was just exhausted. Not in a bad way - just tired. That happens when you have a good weekend sometimes. If you missed an expected morning read I apologize. But better late than never here are the links I collected over that last week.

.@MrAColley a Lead Practitioner of Computing, ICT and T&L  blogs about The BBC micro:bit and shares his resources. I’m starting to see more and more from teachers using this little device with students. Let me know if there is someone you know (you perhaps) with things to share.

Congratulations to Chris Stephenson founding Exec Director of the Computer Science Teachers Association and now Computer Science Education person at Google for winning the ACM President’s Award for service to CS education.

Scratch is the new PowerPoint subtitled (or 'why I am annoyed with free educational software') is an interesting look at educational software by a teacher and Chair of computing at a school in the UK.

Should We Teach HTML? This common question is taken on by Mike @zamansky As often happens there is some interesting discussion in the comments.

It's Official: 'Brogrammer' Culture Is Driving Women Out of STEM Jobs documentation for things most of us already knew.

Some interesting things from Microsoft this week as well.

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