Monday, May 23, 2016

Interesting Links 23 June 2016

It’s getting to be the end of the school year. I know teachers who are finished already and others who finish up this week. I have about three weeks to go. Trying to keep up the energy level at this time of year can be tough but I think most teachers are managing ok. Thinking ahead to the summer helps. Lots of professional development in my summer plans. How about for you?

The nation’s largest school districts are rushing to fill the coding gap via @NewsHour Seems like a lot of stories like this one are appearing all the time. It makes one wonder about the small school districts though.

Montana is full of small districts and at least some people are talking about CS for All there - Candidates push computer science training in Montana

mlbgame is a Python API to retrieve and read MLB GameDay XML data.  If you are teaching with Python and looking for projects this might be something you can use.

“‘Eat, sleep, code, repeat’ is such bullshit” by @dankim We need students to realize that having a life is a good thing for software developers and computer scientists. Because it is!

Shark Tank is back! This time we'll focus on coding with featured sharks @alfredtwo, @ed_saber & @kburtonr This will be a webcast focusing on some educational apps that teach computer science. Should be fun to be a part of.

  Girls Explain How Boobs, Menstruation and More Keep Them From Coding in Satirical Campaign Women I know are sharing these videos like crazy. They make me a little uncomfortable. Because I am a man of a certain age? Probably.

Starting out with the BBC Micro:Bit. @mashable shows how to build a metronome with one

Nine amazing BBC micro:bit projects. From rocket cars to score predictors. Just in case you were wondering what else these little devices could be used for.

Speaking of the Micro:Bit, Is anyone else looking at the MI:power board for the BBC micro:bit? It uses a coin type battery to power the Micro:Bit. It looks like it might make some Maker projects easier. I bought one but it came just before I went out of town so I haven't tried it yet. Note: It cost a lot more to have it sent to the US from the UK than to buy it.

They actually have a bunch of other accessories that I just noticed while getting this post ready. This may cost me some money.

Computer Science Education Blog Roll – I added @MrAColley to the list

Microsoft Research is seeking interns to help them reveal how Minecraft can be used as a testing ground for AI This is based in the United Kingdom. Not everything at MSR is in the US.

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