Monday, July 11, 2016

Interesting Links 11 July 2016

Yes I’m late with this week’s interesting links. In my defense I have been extremely busy the last four or five days. Last Thursday and Friday were the CSTA Board meetings. Saturday was helping to set up for the CSTA conference. Sunday and today have been the first days of the CSTA Conference. With over 500 attendees the place is hopping. I’ll have a post or two about the conference later in the week after its over. In the mean time if you are not at the conference but are on Twitter follow the #CSTA16 hashtag for a lot of great stuff going on.

But for now a few links including some things I have learned at the conference.

The ScratchEd Team ‏is crowd-sourcing a list of cross-curricular Scratch projects. Add your suggestions here:

The new CSTA K12 Computer Science standards are now available at

I learned about this How-To: Papercraft Enigma Machine at one of the workshops at the CSTA Conference. This link may be the most retweeted link I have ever tweeted. Looks like fun.

David Renton ‏posted Resources for creating a Flappy Bird game in < 2hrs with TouchDevelop & @Spriter2D

Problem solving or solving problems via @dougpete Should we rethink how we write Computer Science Textbooks? Take a look at Doug's post and let us both know what you think.

There is a new Hopscotch update is now out ! Download now for new blocks and features to power up your projects.

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