Monday, August 15, 2016

Interesting Links 15 August 2016

Teachers report on Friday this week for back to school. The College Board was making a big thing about Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles starting for real last week. Are you back yet? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating spring graduations. I’ve been on social media less than usual or maybe e it’s been quiet as so many people get ready for school. In any case just a few links to share today.

Sheena Vaidyanathan took on the question of What’s the Difference Between Coding and Computational Thinking?  Her illustrations are a bonus

Technology allows us to teach students where they are.” /  I was interviews for Anthony Salcito’s blog highlighting teache3rs. It came out fairly well though I wish I hadn’t used the term “real computer science” in one reply.

Programming and learning CS when legally blind  by Mark @guzdial a must read if you care about #CSforAll No really you must read it.

Lastly US New Online edition did a piece on Get Experience at Top Tech Companies as a Teenager. I’m quoted but it is still a good article with some good information and links.

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