Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Visual Studio Online–Possibilities for Education?

Microsoft has been running their big MSIgnite event this week and making all sorts of announcements.  One of them was a cloud-based development environment called Visual Studio Online.

OK, that looks interesting and I will probably try it out soon. It may be an answer for people pushed to Chromebooks,  others who are at one to one bring your own device schools, or just want students to wrote programs from home. I wonder how it works on otherwise underpowered older computers?  There is some concern about costs and that is something I need to understand.

Maybe I can find someone with an education focus at Microsoft to explain how it might work cost effectively for schools and students.  Or maybe I can figure it out through all the marketing hype. We’ll see but it sure does look worth looking into in more detail.

Question added later: I wonder if this will let me develop iPhone apps without buying a Mac? Anyone know?


Garth said...

This would be incredible if it is tied into free storage. No more slow Google Sync to deal with. Google has unlimited storage for education which is why I have never tried OneDrive. OneDrive is limited storage.

From everything I can see MS has sort of given up on the education market. I can understand that, not much profit in it considering the amount of free stuff out there, but it seems to lack any thought about the future.

Garth said...

The free Azure account wants a credit card number. Hmmm. Maybe not. I do not like to hand that out even if they promise to not charge me unless I upgrade. VS Online was a good idea until that point.