Thursday, December 03, 2020

New Resources for Teaching and Learning about Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this week I was a guest speaker in a computer science class (via Zoom of course). It was fun to be back into a class and interacting with students. The students were asked to prepare questions for me and many of the questions were about artificial intelligence. That’s not surprising as AI has really jumped into the public in ways it hasn’t before. That’s why it is timely that has created a new resource for teaching and learning about AI.

The main resource page for this is at There you will find a bunch of short videos of 3 to 5 minutes that cover various aspects of AI. Several of the videos explicitly focus on getting people to think about the ethics involved. Satya Nadal, Microsoft CEO, in his introduction makes one of my favorite points right off the bat. It is not enough to think about what computers can do but we also need to think about what computers SHOULD do. Ethics are woven into all the videos and not just the once focusing on ethics.

The videos are typical videos. That means high production values and a diversity of impressive speakers. Presenters represent a variety of ages, races, and colors. They are all impressive and are practitioners in the fields of AI. There are academics and there are people from industry. They really highlight a broad cross section of people involved in AI today.

Besides the videos there are links to videos from other organizations, lesson plans, and activities powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. And more. It’s a great place to start building the set of curriculum that will work for your course and the age group you teach.

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