Monday, July 11, 2022

Getting Ready for #CSTA2022

The CSTA Annua Conference is only days away. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s my first plane ride since CSTA in Phoenix in 2019. That’s a long time for me. Or was.  The online conferences have been excellent but there is nothing like seeing people in person. Attending SIGCSE this past winter really brought that home to me.

I’ve taken a couple of quick looks at the schedule but I still have to finalize (as much as possible) what sessions I want to attend. I am not doing any workshops this year so I don’t get in until the 14th. But the rest of the conference should be full for me. If not regular sessions, I am hoping for some great conversations in the “Hallway Track.”

Packing is something I will probably not do until the day before I leave but I’m making decisions about what to bring. I got a new phone for example. Battery life on my last on was horrible and my new one will go all day. I’ll bring a laptop as well. I like to take notes for my blog posts and also to Tweet live. Since I am not presenting one should be enough. I tend to bring a backup if I am presenting. I’m loading some books onto my Kindle for reading on the planes. I have charging cables ready for all three of course. And an extension cord with USB plugs as well as standard sockets. Don’t leave home without one!

In previous years I packed extra cables for just about anything I could think of because you never know what someone will need. I’m going light this year. My backpack just got to heavy. Plus I want room for swag. I do plan to come with badge ribbons (Troublemaker and “I follow AlfredTwo”) if I can find them. Probably some business cards. I recommend these if you have them BTW.

I’m looking forward to the exhibit hall as well. I already know some booths that are “must see” for me. I am told that Microsoft will be there with some of their new Jacdac kits and I want to check them out. I am hoping that there will be some booths on cybersecurity (CYBER.ORG is a sponsor so they will probably have a booth). I’m always up for robots and I expect to see some of those as well.

If you’re there I hope you’ll find me and say “hello.” If not, follow the #CSTA2022 hash tag on Twitter and visit my blog for updates along the way.

So are you ready? What are you excited about?


Mike Zamansky said...

I'm really bummed that I can't attend this year but with the size of my summer program I just can't get away.

Alfred C Thompson II said...

You will be missed Mike but you're doing great things.