Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ruth Hartsook’s CS Teaching Resources

Ruth Hartsook posted links to some interactive web based teaching resources on the Advanced Placement Computer Science discussion forums that I think are just wonderful. These can be used by a teacher in class or by students looking for review or even getting a jump start using a flipped classroom model. She has four five of them covering some very key concepts:
  1. For Loops - watch a for loop run
  2. Boolean Logic - learn and practice
  3. All about methods - learn and practice
  4. Recursion - learn and practice
  5. Encapsulation - review the concept
You don’t have to be an AP CS teacher to use these. And even though they are written for Java I can see them easily being used with other languages.

[Note: updated with new URLs and a fifth item on 23 August 2013 ]


Ruth said...

I (Ruth Hartsook) had to move these .... Here is the new URL:


Alfred Thompson said...

All the links in the post have been updated. Thanks Ruth.