Wednesday, March 06, 2013

ACM/IEEE-C​S CS2013 Ironman-v1​.0 draft released

Those of you interested in undergraduate computer science education will be interested in the latest draft of the ACM/IEEE-CS CS 2013 curriculum recommendations. This is the all but final draft. The final draft will be released later this year and will be based on feedback provided on this draft. Besides incorporating a lot of feedback from the 0.8 draft this release also includes a large number of course exemplars that will, we hope, make it more clear how these recommendations can be incorporated in university curriculum plans.

Just in time for SIGCSE, we are happy to announce the availability of the
ACM/IEEE-CS Computer Science Curricula 2013 (CS2013) - Ironman v1.0 draft.
The draft is available at the CS2013 website ( or directly

The Ironman v1.0 draft contains a revision of the CS2013 Body of Knowledge,
based on comments from the previously released CS2013 Strawman and Ironman
v0.8 drafts. The Ironman v1.0 draft also includes additional new chapters
as well as over 50 course exemplars, showing how the CS2013 Body of
Knowledge may be covered in a variety of actual fielded courses.


The Ironman v1.0 draft is the penultimate draft of the CS2013 curricular
guidelines. The final version of the CS2013 guidelines will be published in
Fall 2013. We welcome additional comments on the CS2013 Ironman draft from
the computing community. Information on how to comment on the draft is
available at the CS2013 website. Comments on the Ironman draft will be
addressed in the final released version of CS2013.


The CS2013 Curriculum Steering Committee is continuing to seek exemplars of
courses and curricula from the broader community. This open process will
better connect the CS2013 Body of Knowledge to real, existing approaches
representing diverse and innovative ways to teach computer science. In
Computer Science terms, the topics and learning outcomes in the Body of
Knowledge represent a "specification", whereas a curriculum is an
"implementation" and a course is part of a curriculum. Information on how
to contribute course/curriculum exemplars is available at the CS2013 website
( or directly at:

Warm regards,
Mehran Sahami and Steve Roach
Co-Chairs, CS2013 Steering Committee
CS2013 Steering Committee

ACM Delegation

  • Mehran Sahami, Chair (Stanford University)
  • Andrea Danyluk (Williams College)
  • Sally Fincher (University of Kent)
  • Kathleen Fisher (Tufts University)
  • Dan Grossman (University of Washington)
  • Beth Hawthorne (Union County College)
  • Randy Katz (UC Berkeley)
  • Rich LeBlanc (Seattle University)
  • Dave Reed (Creighton University)

IEEE-CS Delegation

  • Steve Roach, Chair (Univ. of Texas, El Paso)
  • Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas (Univ. Catolica San Pablo, Peru)
  • Ronald Dodge (US Military Academy)
  • Robert France (Colorado State University)
  • Amruth Kumar (Ramapo Coll. of New Jersey)
  • Brian Robinson (ABB Corporation)
  • Remzi Seker (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.)
  • Alfred Thompson (Microsoft)

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