Monday, March 25, 2013

Interesting Links 25 March 2013

I’ll getting my feet under me again lately.  I’m catching up on grading for one thing. And lesson planning and trying to have a life away from the computer. Having a snow day this week didn’t hurt. So that’s good.

In fact I am sort of looking for more stuff to do. I’m running for the CSTA Board for one thing. You can read my “why I’m running and why you should vote for me” guest post on the CSTA blog. I do hope you’ll all vote for me and ask your friends who are CSTA members to do the same. I do have other links to share though so don’t worry about that. Smile

Interested in a fun programming competition for beginners aged 9 through 18? Check out the  Imagine Cup Kodu Challenge 2013

A look into Vietnam's CS curriculum. Neil Fraser, from Google, visited Viet name recently and wrote this trip report on his view of computer science education in Viet Nam.  One interesting meta post was this one suggesting that students in Viet Nam could pass a Google interview. But don’t miss Ben Chun’s CS in VN Errata post. Ben’s is the school that Neil Fraser visited in the US and there is more to the story.

Applications for Girls Who Code for the summer of 2013 are now live! Programs in the NY, Detroit, and Bay Area (CA) This is a great program that had wonderful results in New York last year. I’m thrilled that it is expanding to two more locations this coming summer.

Doug Peterson (@dougpete) tweeted me a link to an interesting article on  Five common programming mistakes

Mark Guzdial @guzdial makes the important point that  Colleges and Universities should require or recommend CS for all applicants. This is probably the single best way to motivate schools to add more computer science courses to their curriculum.

Facebook U for current first year college students Do you know first year college students who are looking for a killer internship for the summer? This Facebook program will be competitive but a wonderful experience for those who make it in.

Changing Face of Education and Computer Science   Nice post by @dave_burkhart running (against me) for the CSTA board. No matter who wins we’ll still be friends.

Windows 8 Development Part 3 of 9: Design Aesthetics is the latest in a series from Lindsay Lindstrum  @LindsayInPhilly  I link to all the posts in the series (and some other related series) at Computer Science Teacher: Windows 8 Game Development Links 

Carnegie Mellon seeks high school hackers for a special program. Check it out.

The latest Kinect for Windows SDK is here. Some cool new features.

Fun look at how a Microsoft engineer solved "attachment embarrassment." 

Students...need an easy-to-follow guide to DreamSpark and WindowsStore sign-up? Edwin Guarin @edvangelist shows how:

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