Monday, March 04, 2013

Interesting Links 4 March 2013

Last week was school vacation week. Like a lot of teachers I spent the week catching up on things around the house. For me that meant spending a coup[le of days installing sheetrock on the ceiling of my family room. I spent far less time than usual on the Internet, ignored a lot of email and fell way behind in reading blogs. So only a few links to share today. Hope you find them useful.

My friend Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) was on The Ignite Show talking about the Flattened Classroom recently. Interesting interview. Vicki also recently sent out a link to an interesting infographic  Is Cloud Computing a Fact or Fiction?

A couple of good professional development opportunities came though last week as well.

What educators can learn from Harlem Shake is an interesting look at how some Internet memes can help turn students from consumers to creators by school superintendent Eric Williams @ewilliams65 Does the superintendent on your school district blog? I’m seeing more and more of them doing so. Great way for them to promote their districts.

Andrew Parsons@MrAndyPuppy sent me a link to this nice new (free) engine for cross-platform games: Andrew is my go to person on game development so this is well worth checking out.

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