Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interesting Links 23 April 2013

Yes I’m a day late with this post. It’s school vacation week in New Hampshire and I’ve had other things on my mind. These things happen. I have limited Internet access this week so there may or may not be a list next week. We’ll have to see. But I do have stuff to share now so here goes.

Passed on by @intelswblog: Future Developers: Why Kids Should Learn the Basics of Code

Mike Zamansky@zamansky writes about using using real data in his computer science education classrooms:

Top Ten Ways to recruit HS girls into computing classes. New from @ncwit 

Should kids be taught to program? Join the debate!

Are you ready for the 2013 CSTA Annual Conference on July 15-16, 2013! CSTA Annual Conference Keynote Speakers Announced. This looks to be a great event.

Fun look at how the internet of things/big data comes to life on the Microsoft campus. If you’ve ever wondered about smart buildings and how information can help keep costs down this is the read for you.

What Makes Code Readable: Not What You Think via @jsonmez was an interesting read. he notes that what is good for beginners is not always as good for more experienced people. And the other way around.

Thinking outside the Xbox: Fourth-grade teacher using online avatars to facilitate learning That looks like fun!

Last week I heard about Tynker http://tynker.com which is Scratch-like but with more features. Or so I am told. I just got access to it and haven’t had a chance to try it out for myself. The Tynker team is on Twitter at  @gotynker

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