Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SIGCT Recommendations for ISTE 2013

The annual ISTE conference is not known as a hot bed of opportunities for computer science teachers. Things look some what better this year though with 13 activities listed in the Computer Science strand  (up from only 4 last year) and 7 activities noted in the Computer Skills/ICT/CTE strand. The board of SIGCT has gone through the whole ISTE program and made some recommendations which are available on the SIGCT Wiki.

Suggested Activities at ISTE 2013 of potential interest to SIGCT members

  • PDF version (on 3 pages; this is what was sent out to all members)
  • XLS version (on 6 pages with a little more information on each)
  • There are over 90 activities listed here including the original 20 SIGCT Picks

Also there is an updated planning page for the SIGCT Forum and Playground for ISTE 2013. Links to the most recent SIGCT newsletters may also be found near the top of the SIGCT wiki main page.

I’m disappointed not to be going to ISTE this year. San Antonio is one of my favorite cities and ISTE there in the past has been great. Also there are a number of sessions I would love to attend. If you are going, have a great time and check out the suggestions from SIGCT – they’re good ones!

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