Monday, April 15, 2013

Interesting Links 15 April 2013

Income taxes are due the end of the day today in the US. Thanks to computer software mine are done and in with a minimum of pain. It is amazing how much easier good software can make ones life. Of course software mistakes can do the opposite. That’s one reason I think we need more people knowledgeable about how to write good software. And with that thought, here now are this week’s links.
Excellent compilation of learn-to-code sites from @shamblesguru
Writing Apps to Empower Girls and Help the World from  Patrice Gans @reesegans on the CSTA blog
Calling all educators - apply for the Microsoft Expert Educator Program A great program not least of all because it opens the doors for sharing with many other great educators.
What Programming Language Should I Teach With? via @twistedsq Is a thought provoking discussion of various pros and cons.
 Windows 8 Game Development Links Updated with a link to a new post by @Tara Walker called Windows 8 Game Development using C#, XNA and MonoGame 3.0: Building a Shooter Game Walkthrough – Part 5:
Techie Camp 1-week programs for elementary & middle school kids. enroll now!
Techie Camp is a full day, week long program designed to engage elementary and middle school students in hands-on, interactive STEM-related activities. Students take a deep dive into subject matter focused on Robotics, Programming, Android App or Web Development and emerge with skills that are useful in today’s' classroom and tomorrow's workplace.
UC San Diego Computer Scientists Develop First-person Player Video Game that Teaches How to Program in Java that looks pretty interesting. Casting spells using Java.
I have moved and updated my post on Resources For Teaching Binary Numbers  since I found this new video called Understanding Binary: a 60 Second Mindmeld
Computer Science is a No…um…Full-Brainer a new post by educational consultant Will Richardson finishes with this money quote “Start everyone early, and offer those who are passionate about the subject limitless room to grow.”
Irina Frumkin, Game Changer: Celebrating the Women of Xbox is an interesting video with one of the women on the Xbox team at Microsoft. Shows that even gaming is not totally male dominated.
Computer Science as a Teaching Strategy ianother good post on the CSTA Blog. This one by  written by Myra Deister @shhsMath
ENGoCode_pageHelp spread the word for Go Code Girl, a learn-to-code event for high school girls on April 20 at the University of Ottawa in Ontario Canada (I try to keep a look out for things up north.)

And for south of where I live, in my favorite state south of the Mason-Dixon, STEM Innovation Camps in Austin, TX ages 6-14 Register by 4/30 and get 15% off
Requiring Computing Education: An Impractical Path to Computing Literacy is a great post by Mark Guzdial that has had me thinking all weekend. Check it out and read the discussion in the comments as well.
Teaching Computer Science Honors: Continuing Turtle Graphics! shows how someone else is using Turtle Graphics in teaching computer science. Good stuff.

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